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October 10, 2022

Be Warned: CA In-House Corporate Counsel Must Register With State Bar

Remote practice and multistate jurisdictional practice (MJP) have been hot topics highlighted by the pandemic.  However, we cannot discuss these subjects without considering the unauthorized practice of law (UPL).  UPL is not just an issue for non-lawyers.  Unfortunately, under California’s (and most other states’) rules and laws, it is also a concern for lawyers who […]

December 31, 2020

12 Steps to a Healthier Law Practice in 2020: Step 12 – Begin How You Want To End

2020 has shown us that so much in life is unpredictable, but your client relationships don’t necessarily have to be.  Although you can’t foresee or control every aspect of your dealings with your clients, there are certain precautions you can take to better manage your risk of liability and other headaches.  Start the new year off right by making sure that your engagement agreements are not only compliant and up-to-date, but that you set the tone for happy and healthy attorney-client relationships.

January 14, 2020

12 Steps to a Healthier Law Practice in 2020: Step 1 – Take Responsibility

The criterion that each California lawyer is responsible for his or her own competent (Rule 1.1) and diligent (Rule 1.3) ethical conduct is not new; however, three new ethics rules make clear how a lawyer can be held responsible for the conduct of others as well.

July 12, 2016

Tracking Proposed Revisions to California’s Rules of Professional Responsibility

California’s Commission for the Revision of the Rules of Professional Responsibility has proposed 68 new and amended rules for attorneys, and is seeking public comment on the  proposed rules.  California is the only state that whose professional responsibility rules do not track the ABA Model Rules.  The Commission has issued an Executive Summary detailing the proposed and […]

February 15, 2016

5 Legal Ethics Questions for Your In-House Legal Team

There is an emerging consensus that the role of in-house legal departments is changing dramatically, and these changes raise significant legal ethics issues for in-house legal teams.  The workload for in-house lawyers, which has been substantial for some time, is increasing in many industries, as in-house lawyers navigate significant increases in regulatory issues and compliance.  And the composition […]